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Refurbished tablets

For many individuals the cost of a new tablet is just too expansive. One way of gaining a tablet, that is relatively up to date, is by buying a refurbished tablet. However many people are still quite skeptical about buying tablets that are not ‘new’. Many also think that they will not be as reliable and that they are ‘second hand’. However this is simply not true. Refurbished tablets are a wise choice if your income is imitated or if you are out to get yourself a good deal. They are also just as reliable as ‘new’ tablets. Many consumers send tablets back to the manufacturer or seller, simply because it is not what they wanted. Sometimes they can be sent back if there is a slight cosmetic blemish. So not all tablets are returned due to a malfunction. Below we explore what to look out for when buying refurbished tablets.

Compare the price

When looking at refurbished tablets it is always a good idea to do a price comparison with the ‘new’ model. After all, the reason for buying refurbished is to save money. Most refurbished tablets should at least be offered with a 20 percent reduction of the original retail selling price. But do shop around to get the best deal that you possibly can, as prices can vary dramatically.

Do your tablet research

When buying any tablet that has been refurbished, you need to look up the manufacturer to find out if there have been any previous faults. These are usually found in the first few months after production, and are quickly resolved. Therefore they should not pose a problem if you are buying a refurbished one, but do check.

Read reviews about the refurbished tablets

It is always a good idea to read up on what customers have to say regarding a particular make or model. This will help you in your final decision. It is also good to read up on how their customer experience was, just in case you run into any problems.

What is included?

When buying a refurbished tablet, it is always best to check what accessories and other installation software is included. Sometimes there can be sight changes to what is included when the tablet is not sold as new.

Third party refurbished tablets sellers

Many people tend to stay away from third party sellers and opt to go straight to the manufacturer. Although this is the safer option, you cannot rule out third party sellers. You just need to do your research to find out their reliability and read the small print.

Battery condition

What is the condition of the battery? Has the tablet been fitted with a replacement battery? You need to find out the answers to these questions before purchase. A new battery can dramatically increase the price.


When looking for refurbished tablets, ideally you need to choose one that has a warranty included with the purchase. Your safest option here is to choose a tablet with a 90 day warranty. This will give you peace of mind in case you encounter any problems.

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