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Refurbished computers

Many people are a bit skeptical when it comes to buying refurbished computers This is partly because there is still a slight stigma about buying a computer that is not ‘new’. Many people still feel that refurbished computers are not as good as new computers, however these are misconceptions. Refurbished compeers are a good investment. Below we explain why buying a refurbished computer is a wise move.

Refurbished computers are not old

Many people believe that refurbished computers are old, but this is simply not true. Refurbished simply means ‘used’. In fact many refurbished pcs may only have been taken out of the box and never been switched on, but they are still classified as being ‘used’. So there are varying degrees to what the term ‘used’ actually means.

They Are Cheaper

It is a well known fact that refurbished computers are much cheaper than new computers. Most refurbished pcs are actually discounted anywhere from 20 to 80 percent, depending upon their age and quality. So it is well worth shopping around to find the best deal possible.


It is a complete myth that refurbished computers are not as reliable as new ones. In many cases they are just as reliable. Many refurbished computers are also returned, not because they are ineffective or broken, but because the user cannot operate them or the system is not what they want. If there has been a problem with reliability in the past, then this will have been dealt with, as well as the entire computer having a complete overall. So in essence, you actually get a more reliable computer for your money.

Added Warranty

The refurbished pc often has the same warranty as a brand new computer. It is always best to check on this before you buy, but at least you will know that if you do encounter a problem, you will be covered, just as if you had bought a new model.

Cosmetic Appearance

The only thing to note, when buying a refurbished pc, is that there may be cosmetic blemishes and scratches to the appearance of the computer. This is to be expected, as it is not new. However the working condition of the computer should not be affected at all. So, if you do not mind a few blemishes here and there, then buying a refurbished computer is a wise investment.

Buying Guide Tips

When buying a refurbished pc, it is always best to try and buy straight from the manufacturer. Additionally you can also buy from a reputable dealer who specialises in refurbished pcs such as Amazon Warehouse. By doing so, if you do encounter any problems, they can be easily resolved. You also know that the quality of product you are buying will be of a high standard.

Another tip is to only buy a computer that has been refurbished with a saving of at least 15 percent. If the saving is not as good as this, then you may as well buy new. So do check out the new price as well, in order to make a comparison.

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